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An Interview on This is Africa

Read an interview on This is Africa with Saraba Magazine co-founder Emmanuel Iduma, on the manuscript project.


The prizes are both for fiction and non-fiction. Overall Nigerian writers are probably better known for fiction. Why did you feel non-fiction important to include and what kind of entries do you expect?

Great writers have always excelled in more than one genre. It’s a disservice to the literary community to create hierarchies—and actually a failure of the imagination of how writing should perform. Our award-systems seemed to have perpetuated the idea, inadvertently or not, that your wonderful fiction makes you an important writer. Few writers manage to rise above this entrapment. Hopefully, by publishing fiction side by side with nonfiction, we can draw attention to the importance of excellent nonfiction. We expect nonfiction that is, in one word, compelling. There’s something Barthes said, “Every critic should be a novelist in disguise.” I’m hoping that, in addition, even the novelists would be critics in disguise.